Successful search engine optimization consists of 5 main components.

  1. Know your audience - Finding out exactly what phrases (that apply to your product or service) people actually type into search engines is the essential first step in any search engine optimization campaign. The Permaweb uses specialized tools to find and estimate traffic for qualified keywords/phrases that are related to your products and/or services and provides your business with the data on frequency of searches as well as numbers of competing sites to identify potential "keyword niches" that will drive the maximum numbers of visitors to your site. Then we facilitate the development of a comprehensive keyword placement plan for your site.
  2. Keyword placement - There are a lot of common myths about how to create top ranking pages. One of the most important principles is to work thematically dividing content into related sections and creating a logical structure for a site using accessible menus. There are more than a dozen locations on a page that keywords/phrases are ideally placed (these vary significantly between search engines). It can be helpful to structure pages so that the "weight", "frequency" and "prominence" of your targeted keywords/phrases matches or exceeds competing pages that already rank highly. ThePermaWeb uses the most advanced statistical comparison and analysis tools in existence enabling us to analyze dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of pages. Our years of experience with these tools combined with considerable expertise in statistical analysis enables us to provide your business with the competitive edge needed to maximize the "visibility" of your site in the major search engines.
  3. Site and URL structure - Minor errors in output code should be corrected, and the most important content should appear near the top of the document in the page source. Page URL should be easily indexable by search engines. The Google Webmaster help center has a very informative article on the subject of URLS and Search Engines
  4. Link Popularity - Each direct hyperlink from another site on the web potentially contributes to your "link popularity". The value of link popularity of a website in achieving traffic goals cannot be overestimated. Google for example uses their evaluation of your site's link popularity as a measure of the importance of your pages, and (by a secret formula) a multiplier of the content of the page for the ranking of a page in a given search. We provide an understanding of the most effective linking strategies and methods for your specific goals and provide a comprehensive plan to increase the relevant keywords, links and thus search engine visibility to your site. Contrary to popular belief, "submitting" a site to search engines is not the way to get your pages indexed (and can sometimes get you penalized by the major search engines). Conversely, achieving relevant links from other sites is the path to top rankings. Get the Google Toolbar ( to discover the "pagerank" of every site you visit.
  5. Accurate efficient reporting and follow through - We implement the best analytics tools in existence to keep track of your site's visibility over time, overall traffic, it's sources, and the behavior of your visitors, thus providing effective evaluation of optimization efforts. Additionally we employ advanced tools used to record and analyze your search engine placement and trends on identified keyword combinations derived from multiple sources of real time search data. All this information can be gathered from your top competitors’ websites as well, and compared. ThePermaWeb augments search engine marketing efforts with complete keyword weight and relevance data for every word/phrase on every page of your site and returns csv or excel reports that detail exactly how your site appears to search engine robots. ThePermaWeb services provide comprehensive reports that take the guesswork out of website optimization!

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